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taste [teɪst]


1 (sense) gusto (m)

a keen sense of taste un agudo sentido del gusto

it's quite sweet to the taste tiene un gusto bastante dulce al paladar

2 (flavour) sabor (m); gusto (m)

it has an odd taste tiene un sabor or gusto raro

nettles are like spinach, with a sweetish taste

to leave a bad or nasty taste in the mouth dejar mal sabor de boca

his jokes leave a bad or nasty taste in the mouth sus chistes te dejan mal sabor de boca

this kind of abuse leaves a nasty taste in the mouth investors still have a bad taste in their mouths from last year's stock market crash to have a [bad] [nasty] taste in one's mouth she tried to wash away the nasty taste in her mouth with a glass of water

it has no taste no sabe a nada; no tiene sabor

3 (small amount)

"more wine?" — "just a taste" —¿más vino? —solo un poco or un poquito; would you like a taste? ¿quieres probarlo?; may I have a taste? ¿puedo probarlo?

he took a small taste of wine I'd like to try a taste of the Rioja

to give sb a taste of their own medicine pagar a algn con la misma moneda

the cowardly thugs who mug old people should be given a taste of their own medicine with the return of corporal punishment

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to get a taste of one's own medicine recibir el mismo (mal) trato que uno da a los demás

I'd like to see her get a taste of her own medicine and find out what it's like to be bossed around it's refreshing to see men getting a taste of their own medicine

4 (experience) experiencia (f); (sample) muestra (f)

it was her first taste of freedom fue su primera experiencia de la libertad or su primer contacto con la libertad; we got a taste of his anger nos ofreció una muestra de su enfado; now that she has had a taste of stardom, she won't ever be content with ordinariness again ahora que ha probado las mieles del estrellato or saboreado el estrellato, nunca más se conformará con lo normal y corriente; he's had a taste of prison ha conocido or probado la cárcel

we [had] > [got] a taste of success last year having had a taste of the big time, we don't want to go back to playing in the reserves we got a taste of what was to come It was her first taste of family life he's sure the hurricane of 1987 is just a taste of weather changes to come

to give sb a taste of sth dar una idea de algo a algn

it gave him a taste of military life le dio una idea de lo que era la vida militar

I just wish I could give him a taste of what I've been through to give sb a taste of the whip

it was a taste of things to come era una muestra de lo que estaba por venir

this rail strike is likely to be a taste of things to come Spanish bankers are already getting a taste of things to come a taste of [things] to come is Labour's iron discipline with its Euro MPs a taste of things to come in our own parliament?

5 (liking) gusto (m)

tastes differ los gustos cambian

he was a man of catholic tastes era un hombre de gustos variados

Charlotte had expensive tastes

a taste for sth

to acquire or develop a taste for sth tomarle gusto a algo

she went to college in London where she developed a taste for acting and sport Sharon later developed a taste for expensive nightclubs she developed a taste for journeys to isolated regions

it gave him a taste for reading esto hizo que le tomara gusto a la lectura; she has a taste for adventure le gusta la aventura

She always had a taste for the high life Some might say that you had a taste for power to [have] a taste for sth

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we have the same tastes in music tenemos el mismo gusto para la música

he has expensive tastes in cars en cuanto a coches, tiene gustos caros

season to taste (Cookery) sazonar al gusto

add tomato paste, salt and pepper to taste add salt and fresh ground pepper to your taste

it's not to my taste no es de mi gusto; is it to your taste? ¿le gusta?; ¿es de su gusto?

there's no accounting for taste sobre gustos no hay nada escrito

tastes change and it is impossible to predict the market precisely he took a fancy to you. There's no accounting for tastes, is there! Positively puke-making, in my view, but there's no accounting for tastes It confirms that there is no accounting for taste in such matters


6 (discernment) gusto (m)

people of taste la gente con gusto

in [bad]/[good] taste a dressing-table in appalling taste - it had little pink frills the apartment was large and lavishly furnished in bad taste

to be in bad taste ser de mal gusto

it would be in bad taste to meet without him sería de mal gusto reunirnos sin él; reunirnos sin él sería hacerle un desprecio or un feo

they agreed the ad was not in poor taste the magazine article was not in good taste

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she has very good taste tiene muy buen gusto

his taste in clothes is extremely good viste con muchísimo gusto; I don't think that remark was in very good taste no me pareció un comentario de muy buen gusto

to have taste [+person] tener gusto

to have no taste [+person] no tener gusto

she always chooses the best restaurants to eat in - she's got taste Lillian had always scolded Wade about his taste in clothing: he did not have bad taste, she told him, he had no taste he's never had any taste when it comes to clothes only wealthy people had good taste - taste was not an option for a no one else

the house is furnished in impeccable taste la casa está amueblada con muchísimo gusto or con un gusto exquisito

to be in poor taste ser de mal gusto

verbo transitivo

1 (sample) [+food, drink] probar; (at tasting) degustar; catar

just taste this pruebe esto

taste the sauce before adding salt cut off a small piece of meat and taste it taste the soup before adding any salt you must taste my marmalade


2 (perceive flavour of)

I can't taste the rum in this no noto el sabor del ron en esto; esto apenas me sabe a ron; I can't taste anything when I have a cold la comida no me sabe a nada cuando estoy resfriado

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he couldn't taste the food you won't taste it if you take it in milk I can hardly taste the garlic in this

3 (eat) comer; probar

I haven't tasted salmon for years hace años que no como salmón or pruebo el salmón; he had not tasted food for a week llevaba una semana sin probar bocado

I have never tasted snails

4 (experience) [+success, power] saborear; [+poverty, loneliness] conocer

Before you taste success you get a lot of disappointment when he first tasted power she had never tasted loneliness before she was married

verbo intransitivo

(have flavour) saber

the brandy tasted bitter el brandy sabía amargo; el brandy tenía un sabor or un gusto amargo; it tastes good está rico or bueno; it tastes all right to me a mí me sabe bien; it tastes horrible tiene un sabor horrible; sabe horrible or a rayos (informal)

milk is very nutritious and tastes delicious no food had ever tasted better to Fred try things like sugar-free chewing gum, which tastes sweet but is very low in calories

to taste like sth saber a algo

the meat tasted like chicken la carne sabía a pollo

to taste of sth saber a algo

what does it taste of? ¿a qué sabe?

the cheese tasted of nothing but reminded him of the bland, soap his mother used on laundry days it doesn't taste of anything in particular


taste bud (n) papila (f) gustativa

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