Lyodra: Indonesia's reigning princess of pop (2023)

Felix Martua (The Jakarta Post)


Jakarta ● Tue, January 18 2022
(Video) Filipino divas 🇵🇭 VS 🇮🇩 Indonesian divas | Powerhouses! HONEST REACTION

An album debut, an acting breakthrough and impressive international recognition. Rising star Lyodra is one to reckon with in Indonesia’s music industry.

It seems that Lyodra has finally cracked the code on how to launch a successful pop music career in the modern era. The past year has found the 18-year-old singer and actress gathering widespread popularity and critical adulation both in her home country and overseas – all thanks to her debut album Lyodra, her acting role in the web series 7 Hari Sebelum 17 Tahun (7 days before turning 17) and a plethora of new medals under her belt including the 2021 South Korea’s Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) for Best New Asian Artist: Indonesia.

She described 2021 as "a year full of grace".

(Video) [AAA직캠] 알렉사 (AleXa) & Lyodra ‘Ariana Grande -Side_To_Side’ 스페셜 무대 | REACTION!!

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(Video) Music teacher reacts to Lyodra - Into the Unknown on Indonesian Idol!

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