Geyser Ariston Marco Polo Gi7S 11L FFI [turbocharged] (2023)

Geysers Ariston - products of the Italian brand of the same name, have been popular in Russia since the 90s. Affordable cost that attracts Russian consumers is achieved through the location of production facilities in China. The technique is adapted to specific operating conditions - the possibility of low water pressure and its increased hardness are taken into account. Ariston instantaneous water heaters differ in a wide range of performance - the brand presents a model range in which you can find an option for any need - from low-power versions to models that can simultaneously serve several points of water intake.

About company

Ariston is an Italian brand that has been supplying Europe with gas equipment for hundreds of years. The company's products are renowned for their quality; the assortment includes a wide variety of household appliances - from dishwashers to water heaters. The headquarters are located in Fabriano. After rebranding in 2005, the name of the company changed to Indesit Company. This concern, in addition to Ariston, owns the brands Hotpoint, Indesit and Scholtes. Today Ariston ranks third in the world ranking of household appliances sales.

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Why do you need to contact only us?

For many years, our company has specialized in the repair and maintenance of gas household equipment: water heaters, heating boilers. During this time, a staff of specialists has been recruited, contracts have been concluded with manufacturers for the supply of original spare parts and components. Employees have the necessary permits and can work with gas equipment.


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  • we provide a guarantee for all services rendered and installed parts;
  • we carry out applications in the shortest possible time.

Important! The factory warranty is valid only in one case - if the owner of the water heater did not try to carry out repairs on his own. If our technician sees that the seal is torn off, the warranty for Ariston equipment will be canceled.
We diagnose gas flow columns remotely, so the cost of this service for you is



We will charge 500 rubles for the call in case of refusal to repair, and this service costs



The cost of the performed technical work without the cost of the required spare parts varies with us

from 900 RUBLES


Before leaving, our employees will write out a guarantee from our company for the work done for a period

up to 6 MONTHS

What do the Ariston models have in common?

Ariston gas equipment supplied to Russia is assembled in China. The relocation of production facilities had a favorable effect on the cost of the speakers, and their parameters fully comply with European quality standards. The products are distinguished by their reliability, maintainability and well thought-out design. Common to all brand modifications:

  • Simple classic design.
  • Compact design.
  • Equipped with security systems. Gas control, traction and temperature sensors, overheating protection are provided. The system allows you to prevent an emergency in case of any malfunctions in water supply and gas supply.

All equipment on sale has test settings - they are set in production according to standard operating parameters. After purchasing the equipment, each owner can adjust it in accordance with the specific parameters of pressure and head.You can do it yourself - just read the instructions. If in doubt, contact the service department - specialists will professionally perform the setting. This will not only ensure efficient and comfortable operation of the device, but also extend its service life.

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In what situations should you contact our company

Ariston water heaters are considered one of the most reliable and durable in the world. But they also need a periodic check of the technical condition. At least once a year, it is required to check the operability of all units, in particular, the main and ignition burners. So that the flame from blue does not turn orange or red, and carbon monoxide does not accumulate in the room, it is necessary to clean all parts of soot, dust, and impurities every year.

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If at a certain stage you notice that the Ariston column does not turn on, call immediately. Do not try to figure out the cause yourself. This can be life threatening and property loss. Water heaters are connected to the gas main. Only contacting our LLC Gazkolonka will help to avoid leaks and subsequent fires.

Pros and cons of Ariston speakers


  • Quiet work. During ignition and operation, there are no extraneous sounds and clicks.
  • Temperature stabilization in different modes.
  • Copper heat exchanger - durable, resistant to temperature extremes and scale.
  • Manufacturing and assembly are carried out using European technologies.
  • Spectacular design.


  • Shutdown when pressure drops in water supply tubes. This disadvantage is especially noticeable on the last floors of apartment buildings.
  • There is a doubt about the durability of the components - the Chinese assembly affects.
  • The high cost of spare parts. If the equipment breaks down, it is more profitable to buy a cheaper analogue from less well-known manufacturers than to change the unit that has failed.

When choosing a model, consider the need for hot water volumes, the number of water intake points and your budget. The price of inexpensive versions is up to 10,000 rubles. But they are not durable. To purchase a reliable speaker with durable components, you need to pay an order of magnitude more.

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Gas column adjustment

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Adjusting the height of the burner flame - the closer to the maximum the hot water is. Adjusting the water flow - the closer to the maximum, the greater the flow, therefore, the water is colder. Winter / Summer - the mode of using the speaker at different times of the year. In winter, the power is greater than in summer.

Not all craftsmen know how to properly set up a gas water heater and simply do not do it, leaving it as it is (by default). But we do not recommend leaving the factory settings and making adjustments yourself.

Temperature setting

  • Set the gas and water knob on the heater to minimum.
  • Open the gas and water supply valves on the pipelines.
  • Open a hot water tap and adjust the water pressure you need using the knob on the gas water heater.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes and measure the temperature. Use the gas knob on the column to increase the flame, thereby increasing the temperature of the water to the one you need.
  • When the water temperature is comfortable, you can leave all adjustments alone and use the water.

In the future, you can adjust the temperature with another knob (supply of heated water).

Pressure setting

Geyser Ariston Marco Polo Gi7S 11L FFI [turbocharged] (5)

This is a membrane in the gas column, if it fails, then the unit stops responding to the pressure of water.

When adjusting the speaker, sometimes unpleasant moments arise. The new column either turns on at a very low pressure, or does not want to start at all. It depends on the increased or decreased water pressure in the pipeline and is eliminated in the following ways.

System pressureDecision
IncreasedChange the inlet valve. Install a pressure regulator.
DowngradedChange the membrane, perhaps it is leaking or clogged.

Model overview

Ariston Fast Evo Series

Two modifications are presented with a productivity of 11 and 14 liters per minute, respectively Fast Evo11b and Fast Evo 14b. These are automatic speakers with electric ignition - to maintain the function, you need two batteries, which last for a couple of years. Temperature constancy is maintained by a flame modulation system. There are devices:

  • Type C. Here the front panel is equipped with a digital display - to control the set parameters. If the settings are incorrect, the screen will display an error code - having looked at its meaning in the instructions, the user adjusts the device for specific parameters. Management - push-button.
  • Type B. There is a mechanical handle - to switch the temperature mode.

Advantages of modification 11b:

  • Works at two points of water intake.
  • Ignition at minimum head.
  • Stable outlet temperature.

Cons of 11b:

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  • Unpresentable design.
  • Users notice a hum at a small flame, which disappears when fully burned.

Advantages of modification 14b:

  • Stylish design.
  • Minimum adjustment - only one temperature mode is set.
  • Temperature stability.
  • Quiet ignition.

Cons of 14b:

  • Battery replacement.

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Marco Polo Series

The series is represented by two models - Gi7S and M2. Both are discontinued. Flow heaters. Turbocharged system. No chimney. Closed combustion chamber. The pipe is brought out into the street - the combustion products are removed through a window or a hole made in the wall. Installation of such devices is carried out after an appropriate permit issued by the gas supervision. Both models have an open combustion chamber. Polo power Gi7S - 22 kW, M2 - 18 kW. Productivity, respectively, 11 and 10 l / min. Such devices are valuable for rooms without a stationary chimney. The disadvantage of the series is its volatility. The fan is powered by 220 V.

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DGI 10L CF Superlux

Budget version. The assembly is Russian. Mechanical control. Automatic electric ignition - batteries required. Productivity - 10 l / min. Estimated cost 7,000 rubles. Technical specifications:

  • The maximum heating is 75 ° C.
  • Power 19 200 W.
  • There is a gas control system. Overheat protection.
  • Chimney type.
  • Gas consumption - 2 cubic meters m / h.

It can operate on any type of gas - natural or liquefied. There is a winter-summer switch. Wall mount. Vertical layout.

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Storage heaters

Storage water heaters are presented in two modifications:

  • Ariston SGA 200.8650 watts. Open combustion chamber. Heating +75 ° С. Tank capacity - 195 liters. It ignites automatically. There are indicators - heating and switching on. There is a thermometer. The container is covered with enamel inside. Works on any type of gas. Protective gas control system. Vertical installation. Outdoor type. Magnesium anode. Dimensions - 49.5 × 170x35 cm.
  • Ariston SUPER SGA. Capacity 100 liters. Dimensions 95 × 49.5 × 51 cm. Tank cover, installation and other points are similar to the previous model.

Italian storage-type water heaters with natural draft provide the house with hot water for any volume of consumption and regardless of the temperature of the incoming water. They are used both in everyday life and in industry. Pluses SUPER SGA:

  • Adaptation to Russian conditions - they work stably at low parameters of gas pressure and pressure in water supply pipes.
  • High-resistant enamel on the inner surface of the tank is an exclusive development of the company.
  • Three security devices. The water heater is equipped with a thermocouple, temperature and flue gas sensors.
  • Serial or parallel connection.
  • Fuel economy.
  • Effective thermal insulation - reduces heat loss by 20%.
  • Magnesium anode.
  • Piezo ignition.
  • There is no electrical connection.
  • Robust steel body.
  • There is a regulation and indication of temperature.

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Geyser Ariston Gi7S 11L FFI

It would be an ideal speaker for home and summer cottages, if not for certain drawbacks. Firstly, it is a little noisy - a fan is humming inside, sometimes some incomprehensible clicks are heard. Keeps the set water temperature only within small limits, but in principle it does. But if the vibrations are strong, then she will not cope with them. And the long initial heating of the water is also terribly infuriating - what is she thinking about when the hot water is turned on? Do not hang it in the kitchen, otherwise you will get tired of washing it.


  • Convenient touch control, no tight handles and other control elements;
  • Knows how to maintain the set water temperature, when the pressure changes, tries to adjust and correct the heating;
  • Built-in security systems, there is overheating protection. That is, you cannot kill a column by your careless actions;
  • Knows how to work from liquefied gas, which is important for summer cottages;
  • Two years full warranty.


  • When marking a steel panel, it is better not to touch it with your hands at all, but to wash it only with good detergents. If installed in the kitchen, it will be all stained;
  • Slowness - on the one hand, this is good, since it will not burn or pour cold water, but she thinks about the temperature change for a long time;
  • It is noisy, since it is equipped with a closed combustion chamber - a fan is running inside, the speed of which is constantly changing, depending on the load.


Do not rush to send the device for repair to a service center, some problems are solved on their own. For example, replacing batteries. The nature of the faults can be judged by the number of indicator flashes:

  • The constant burning of the light indicates that it is time to replace the batteries.
  • A single flash of the indicator indicates a malfunction of the microswitches.
  • Double flashing of the indicator indicates the need to replace the temperature sensor.
  • A triple flash indicates the absence of a flame during ignition - an electrode for ignition and a sensor that controls the flame are suspected.
  • Four flashes of the indicator indicate a malfunction of the gas valve.
  • Five flashes indicates overheating. It is necessary to check the condition of the chimney.

Geyser Ariston Marco Polo Gi7S 11L FFI [turbocharged] (10)

Repair of gas water heaters Ariston in Moscow

Our service center carries out repair work on Ariston speakers of all models. We provide quality maintenance services. If the column turns on daily is problematic, the equipment needs a professional inspection. Malfunctions of any node can create a serious problem. Craftsmen provide a service of any degree of complexity, even when Ariston equipment is not working. Urgent departure is possible anywhere in Moscow and the Moscow region. Onsite service saves you time and money.
We provide our clients with:
1) Efficiency

2) Qualified personnel

3) Original spare parts

4) Affordable prices

How to repair a water heater?

The duration of the operation of the gas water heaters is affected by the quality of the water. In case of minor malfunctions, you can cope with the repair on your own. Classic malfunctions of gas-fired water heaters:

  • The appliance does not turn on or turns off after a short time - "symptoms" indicating that scale has accumulated in the heat exchanger. It needs to be cleaned with a special product.
  • You cannot get hot water at the outlet - most likely the radiator is leaking. Another option is incorrect adjustment of the water or gas supply.
  • The burner does not ignite. Check the draft - the chimney may be clogged.

Geyser Ariston Marco Polo Gi7S 11L FFI [turbocharged] (11)

Gas column Ariston Fast CA 14P

A simple column without excess in design, there is an electric ignition, therefore, it saves gas. They bought it taking into account performance, since the main requirement was the possibility of simultaneous operation of two taps, or a tap and a shower. This model provides heating of 14 l / min, which is quite enough for us.The store said that the Ariston Fast CA 14P gas water heater works well with reduced water pressure. This is true, but sometimes the column does not light up - either the pressure is too low, or it is still weird. But in general, everything is fine, fast heating, keeps the temperature. Although it leaked a couple of times, the master said that it was all about the thin heat exchanger. There were no more critical breakdowns, so we can recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable source of hot water.


  • Automatic temperature control, which is very important when the pressure is floating in the morning;
  • Convenient control, no unnecessary knobs, buttons and other regulators;
  • It does not freak out when opening two taps at once - this is what they strived for. If the performance was lower, it would be worse;
  • An excellent combination of price and quality, but it was cheaper to take and did not want to, since I had experience with Chinese models of speakers.


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  • Flimsy insides, and according to the master, it is also extremely inconvenient to repair, due to the dense layout;
  • Quite expensive, even at old prices;
  • The temperature is difficult to set, although it does not need to be regulated so often.

Prevention and elimination of malfunctions

If you use a moderate heat - up to 40-45 ° C, you can avoid limescale in the radiator. If the problem cannot be avoided, you will have to clean the radiator. To rinse it, you will need tools: flat and cross screwdrivers, open-end wrenches, gaskets and a hose, special descaling powder (you can use vinegar). Cleaning technology:

  • Remove the cover and fittings.
  • Cut off the water supply at the entrance. Open the nearest hot water tap.
  • Unscrew the supply pipe from the radiator, take it to the side.
  • Pour about 1 liter of water from the heat exchanger.
  • Put on the hose at the radiator inlet - pour the descaling compound through it. This should be done gradually. Cleansing will take 3-4 hours. To speed up the process, you can heat the active substance by turning on the igniter.
  • At the end of the cleaning, the liquid is drained. The scale will come out - the pressure will increase.

A radiator is an expensive item. Replacing it is costly. If there is a leak, the heat exchanger can be soldered at 180 ° C. We need a 0.1 kW soldering iron. Leaks often appear on the outside of a heat exchanger made of cheap material. The microcrack is cleaned with sandpaper, wiped with a rag with solvent and sealed. Before brazing, the water is drained by blowing out the remaining drops using a compressor or vacuum cleaner.

Geyser Ariston Marco Polo Gi7S 11L FFI [turbocharged] (12)

Positive and negative sides of the device

Based on feedback from customers who have experience using the Ariston gas water heater, a number of both advantages and disadvantages can be noted. So, the main advantages of the Italian gas installation are:

  • the ability to stabilize the water temperature in different operating modes;
  • noiselessness of the device - there are no extraneous clicks during ignition, as well as during operation of the device;
  • application of modern European technologies and instructions in production and assembly;
  • attractive appearance;
  • high temperature resistant copper heat exchanger.

Despite the popularity of the brand, there are also negative aspects to the technique.

  1. When the water pressure drops, the device turns off. This is a big drawback for using them in multi-storey buildings, especially for owners of apartments on the upper floors.
  2. Mistrust is caused by the durability of the components used, since there is a Chinese assembly.
  3. Expensive spare parts. In case of failure of individual units, it is more profitable to buy new low-cost gas equipment from lesser-known manufacturers.

When choosing a technique, you must take into account the priority technical characteristics, which must be mandatory, as well as your budget for the purchase. When purchasing inexpensive models up to 10 thousand rubles, you should not rely on its durability.Reliable, wear-resistant components, as well as the use of additional safety and control units, will ensure a long service life, but the price range is an order of magnitude higher.

Geyser Ariston Marco Polo Gi7S 11L FFI [turbocharged] (13)

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