5 Best English Language Enrichment Centres To Partner With - Near Me (2022) (2023)

English is among the essential languages every child should learn and master. As one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, English can help children excel in their academic endeavors and succeed later on in life. Aside from this, being fluent in English is also crucial for socializing and entertainment. By knowing how to speak in English, one can find it easier to communicate with a variety of people on various topics.

If you want your child to become a fluent English speaker, it is highly advisable to sign them up for an English language enrichment class early on. This is because research has shown that children tend to master languages better than adults do. Fortunately, several schools or learning centers in Singapore offer reliable English enrichment classes. This article, we list down 5 of the best English enrichment programs your child can learn a lot from.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

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1. The Brain Academia

2. Kumon Singapore

3. Superstar Teacher

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4. Shine Language

1. The Brain Academia

5 Best English Language Enrichment Centres To Partner With - Near Me (2022) (1)

Image Credit: The Brain Academia

When it comes to enrichment classes in English and Math, The Brain Academia is one of the most reliable learning centres you can trust in Singapore. The Brain Academia is known in the country for being a brain power escalation expert and a seasoned learning enrichment centre that offers a comprehensive suite of cognitive training programmes and enrichment classes for children with different learning needs.

At the heart of The Brain Academia is the belief that the brain is a person’s most valuable resource. As such, they aim to help children develop their abilities by empowering them to take action toward success in life, business, and play. If you specifically want your child to develop their English skills, their English language enrichment programme is something you can consider for your kid. This programme uses evidence-based techniques to assist children in building imagery-language foundation necessary for reading, comprehension, and even Math.

Customer Reviews

Diana Lee

My daughter went from C’s & D’s on her spelling tests to A’s && Bs on almost every single test. Also, she reads much quicker and understands more of what she reads. Angelas confidence level has gone up a lot. All my daughters grades have gone up. Also, it does not take her as long to do her homework. I would recommend this program to anyone whose child is struggling.

Liew Yih Huey

Ever since Rianne started the training sessions, I see marked improvement in her reading skills. From barely managing a-few-word sentences half a year ago, she can now read story books of 20-30 pages at one go. In addition to her improved reading skills, she is now much more confident and more assertive. Therefore, the result is that she is more vocal now and willing to voice out her opinion. I am glad that I made the decision to join SBDC.

Contact Number:+65 6303 0505
Address:Goldhill Shopping Centre, 189A Thomson Road, Singapore 307631
Operating Hours:Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-6PM

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2. Kumon Singapore

5 Best English Language Enrichment Centres To Partner With - Near Me (2022) (2)

Image Credit: Kumon Singapore

Kumon is a household name when it comes to premium enrichment classes both inside and outside Singapore. It is considered one of the largest afterschool learning programmes in the world, with more than 4 million students in over 50 countries and regions. Kumon Singapore takes pride in helping children become the best students that they can be by encouraging them to go beyond what they learn in their classes through self-learning and advanced studying.

In essence, the Kumon method is an individualised learning method wherein your child will not only learn their lessons further but will also develop the right attitude towards learning. There are many programmes offered at Kumon Singapore, including English, Chinese, and Math. Their English enrichment programme is particularly a must-try for those parents who want their children to become proficient in the English language and understand its ins and outs.

Customer Reviews

Lee Yi You

At four years old when I started Kumon, she (Kumon Instructor) held my hand and sat with me at the small tables. From then, I progressed on to a larger table independently – advancing with higher level content. Throughout the nine years in my Kumon journey, she was definitely an important character in my growth.

Mr. Araki

I wanted Kaisei to gain the confidence which comes with being strong in a particular subject. This brings out the drive to be equally confident in other subjects and the will to reach for higher grades.

Contact Number:+65 6836 3653
Address:Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road, #06-02, Singapore 238884
Operating Hours:Mon, Tue, & Fri 2PM-6.30PM | Sat 9AM-1.30PM | Closed on Wed, Thurs & Sun

3. Superstar Teacher

5 Best English Language Enrichment Centres To Partner With - Near Me (2022) (3)

Image Credit: Superstar Teacher

Superstar Teacher is another reliable learning enrichment centre in Singapore that specifically aims to bring star-quality teachers to home via the Internet. As such, they provide children (and their parents) with the ease, efficiency, comfort, and joy of learning. Developed in 2011 by a team of curriculum specialists and delivered by the best teachers, Superstar Teacher makes use of a strategy-based learning approach to prepare children for the challenging examinations at school as well as national tests.

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The main objective of Superstar Teacher is basically to enable children to achieve subject master and excel in their academics by adopted an integrated approach to maximise their learning. Among the best programmes offered by this renowned learning centre are Primary English and Secondary English. By enrolling your child in these English programmes, you can guarantee that they will master the language in a relatively less time.

Customer Reviews

Weiwei Gao

My child has been using Superstar Teacher since Primary 1. As he’s from a Chinese-speaking family, I was really worried about his studies when he was going to start primary school, especially his English language. Since his sister was using Superstar Teacher and the effect was significant, we decided to give it a try. I was amazed by how focused my child was when he was listening to the lectures. When I received his year-end report book, I was fascinated by the results! Superstar Teacher played an integral part in his results! During lectures, there are some questions to check students’ understanding and it really prevents my child from getting “off-track”. There’s also an “assessment” function that provides typical exam questions of different topics. Students can work on their weaker topics rather than doing questions they already know how to do, which saves a lot of time. In addition, there’s a reward system that allows students to earn stars once they’ve listened and attempted the quizzes. This system motivates my child to try more quizzes and listen to more lectures. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Superstar teacher for nurturing and supporting my child for so many years and I hope you will consider Superstar Teacher if your child needs help for their academics.

Jerico Quek

My daughter enjoyed the lessons, she finds it interesting and informative. It is nicely structured and straightforward to follow and the teachers make it simple to understand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this platform to anyone wanting to embark this self-learning journey.

Contact Number:+65 6341 5516
Address:Floor 4, B-Central, 996 Bendemeer Road, Singapore 339944
Operating Hours:Daily 9AM-9PM

4. Shine Language

5 Best English Language Enrichment Centres To Partner With - Near Me (2022) (4)

Image Credit: Shine Language

Another name that has been trusted by many parents when it comes to the English learning development of their children in Singapore is Shine Language. For several years, this learning centre has been helping children strengthen their English language skills, so they can excel in their academics and other learning endeavours. It is composed of a network of passionate home-based teachers who share a profound love for the English language and a common commitment towards imparting this passion for the language to their students.

With years of relevant teaching experience, you guarantee that the teachers at Shine Language have the qualifications to motivate and lead your child to excel in English through reading, listening, questioning, and thinking out of the box. The curriculum used at this reputable learning centre is kept updated and regularly reviewed to ensure quality, relevance, and alignment with the MOE English syllabus.

Customer Reviews

Mr. and Mrs. Gwee

I just want to say how wonderful the lessons have been for our daughter. The learning is progressive and the lessons have indeed made her a more confident English communicator and user.

Mrs. Wong

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My son has picked up a vast amount of vocabulary and his composition writing has improved tremendously. His school teacher has commented on his flow of writing is very good.

Contact Number:+65 9886 1924
Address:7 Riverdale Cres, #15-15, Singapore 545085
Operating Hours:Mon-Fri 3AM-9PM | Sat 9AM-5PM | Closed on Sun

5. Mrs. D’s English Enrichment

5 Best English Language Enrichment Centres To Partner With - Near Me (2022) (5)

Image Credit: Mrs. D’s English Enrichment

Mrs D’s English Enrichment is the brainchild of the specialist English language and English literature teacher as well as curriculum developer, Nora de Silva (a.k.a Mrs D). She has over 25 years of experience in the field and an extraordinary distinction of being among the very few teachers in the country who had taken many young students from the Singapore PSLE English Language to the A-Level General Paper. She personally designed her time-tested lesson plans that have already helped many children master the English language.

With the amazing credentials of its founder, Mrs D’s English Enrichment is surely one of the best learning centres you can trust when it comes to your child’s journey towards English proficiency. Their programmes cater to a variety of children across age groups, including those on their primary and secondary levels at school. They even offer an English programme for junior college students.

Customer Reviews

Kimberly Loong

Because of Mrs D, both my sons have done so well: my older boy got a 7 for Language Arts for his IB diploma and my younger son scored A1 for both English and Eng Literature for O levels. Thank you very much Mrs D. Your kindness and dedication is very much appreciated.

Jeremie Choo

Interesting lessons and the best part of each class is that there is no homework!! Most of the lessons can be completed in one lesson and have unique learning points that schools do not teach.

Contact Number:+65 8138 6011
Address:United House, 20 Kramat Lane, #03-05, Singapore 228773
Operating Hours:Tue-Fri 2PM-7PM | Sat 9:30AM-1PM | Closed on Sun & Mon


Being proficient in English is a tool that can help your child excel in their academic and future endeavors. And the best way to ensure that your child develops the necessary proficiency in the English language is to sign them up for an extensive English language enrichment class from a reliable learning enrichment center like the ones mentioned in this article.


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